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Word Connect

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Word Connect Honest Review


Word Connect is an intriguing word game where the gamer builds vocabulary by swiping or clicking on the letter blocks. The game player earns coins by building and discovering the hidden words. It trains the mind and brings a nostalgic feeling while playing.


Word Connect is a great game you don’t want to miss. It is designed with wonderful graphics that gives you a great feeling while playing and makes your brain developed. The graphics are simple and appealing to the eye. Word Connect has the simplest and friendliest interface to enable you to make your moves easily. 


Word Connect game is simple to play. Click on the letters on the simple interface and create the words you feel are unfolding in your mind. Word Connect gives you a chance to earn coins through various ways. As soon as you log in and connect to your Facebook account, you earn coins that will help you throughout the game. 

The game has hundreds of levels with special vocabularies that await the game player to discover. Don’t be afraid to unveil the hidden words that could be complex; it’s an opportunity to learn and discover the vocabularies you have never known before. As you move from one level of the game to another, be sure to experience great moments that tease your mind. As you start with the simpler words, the other complex words will unfold naturally. You only need to be optimistic and braced for the journey of discovering vocabulary.


It is simple to play Word Connect. However, you will need to learn some tips and tricks to help your journey more interesting and fulfilling. First, don’t be in a hurry; the game is not timed. Take your time to allow your mind to think and create a word from the letters displayed. In addition, coins will be helpful to you hence the need to maximize on earning as much as you can. Invite friends, log in to play the daily challenge and all these will qualify you for the bonuses.

Replay value

Word Connect online game has a high replay value. Irrespective of your skills, you can find it easy to ply again after completing one level. The hundreds of levels give you the advantage of extensive moments of play. Furthermore, the coins earned at Word Connect increase the replay value of the game. Word Connect gives you a new taste of games that don’t only entertain but also develop your brain.

In-game purchases

Playing at Word Connect perfectly will require you to have some clues. These clues are purchases during the game using coins. If you need to be on the safer side, then you need to gather as many coins as possible to increase your in-game purchase any time you will need one.


Looking for an interesting game to entertain and tease your mind? Word Connect is the best for you: it is specially designed to help you experience a completely new feeling of childhood memories. Word Connect developed by Zentertain is helpful for people who want to tease their minds, relax, and still have fun while playing games at the comfort of their phones or personal computers. Word Connect gives you an opportunity to enjoy classic word games.


  • Easy to play
  • Interesting
  • Brain-teasing
  • Has numerous levels


  • It can be addictive
  • Time consuming

Graphics 7.00

Sound 8.00

Gameplay 9.00

Lasting Appeal 8.50

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