Top Eleven Be a Football Manager

Top Eleven Be a Football Manager

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Top Eleven Be a Football Manager Game Review


Top Eleven Be a Football Manager is one of the most popular football management online game. This game gives you the opportunity to experience what it’s like managing a real football team. You will test your team’s skills, improve their skills and compete with other managers in the world to be the best.


Top Eleven features amazing graphics. The clarity of this game is phenomenal. The players look like real players, the stadium is phenomenal, and the colors are simply amazing. You can tell that it is a modern game through the graphics. You get to view different areas of the stadium and other areas of the game at a 360-degree angle which is really cool. Whichever device you are using, the graphics do not disappoint.


Top Eleven online game is not a difficult game to play. A player plays the game by controlling different features. The squad feature enables you to see a line-up of your players and select which ones you want to add to your team. The training feature gives you a chance to train and prepare your team for the game. The transfer feature allows you to bid for players from other managers. Fixtures allow you to have a look at recent matches so that you can offer your friendlies to other teams. The league section is where you can see the standing of your team. The game also includes a cup and other rewards which are only given to teams that win tournaments. Finances make it possible for you to upgrade your team’s facilities and can also be used to purchase better players. Basically, to play this game successfully, you have to use all these features to your advantage.


The best thing about this football manager online game is that it has very self-explanatory controls. All you have to do is locate the menu and select what you want to do. If you want to train, go to the training option. If you want to view your line-up, you have to go to the league section. You might need to take some time to understand all the controls so that you can manage your team well.

Replay Value 

Anyone who is a football fan will agree that this game is worth playing over and over again. There is a thrill that comes with managing a team on Top Eleven Be a Football Manager. You feel responsible for making your team win, and you will stop at nothing to make your team excel. This is one of the main reasons why most people play this game for years nonstop without losing the excitement for the game.

In-game purchases 

This game contains in-game purchases that allow you to take advantage of additional features. However, it is possible to get free additional features if you watch the video ads within the game. This will also improve your gaming experience.


Top Eleven Online Game is not just another football game. It is a game that gives you a football manager’s experience. You get to know how to run a team, how to train them and how to use different tactics to give them a competitive advantage. You are the determinant of whether or not your team wins. This is something you do not get in most football games, and it is what makes this game incredible.


  • The game works very well on all its supporting devices
  • Great tournaments
  • Decent graphics


  • The start screen receives an error occasionally

Graphics 9.50

Sound 7.00

Gameplay 8.00

Lasting Appeal 8.00

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