Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars

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Soccer Stars Review – An Insanely Captivated Football Simulator Game


When I say ‘football simulator game,’ I believe that you are looking forward to an impressive graphics title with your favorite football stars chasing for glory. Well, I am afraid this isn’t the case with Soccer Stars. Does this make the game any inferior? No, it doesn’t. This impressive Soccer Stars online game still manages to stay captivating and exhilarating like a real football game.


Soccer Stars uses a simple interface that doesn’t really demand hefty graphics coding. Your pitch, for instance, is a small 2D world upon which checkers piece like players push along a ball just as you would when playing a game of pool. The green background and occasional changes in the appearance of these substitute players is all you will ever get in the graphics sector. There isn’t so much to see, but the little you get is drawn and animated in a satisfactory manner.


The most captivating thing when you play Soccer Stars online is how they have managed to inject the adrenaline that accompanies football games into something that resembles a game of checkers. Once you launch a game, you will be randomly matched to another online player via Facebook.

And the tournament is on. The goal is to score two goals before your opponent does. You can choose to play blind offensive, hitting the ball as it comes, or choose to strategically arrange your pieces on the field for maximum defense or offensive impact.

You can also knock opponent pieces to get them out of the way so that you can set yourself up for the perfect shot on the goal.

All this strategizing, drawing vectors and calculating how much energy you put behind every move makes Soccer Stars a very strategic game that will keep you on your toes at all times. The stakes get even higher when you are one goal down or when you are playing on your last coins – oh, you need coins to launch a new match.


The controls are very simple and straightforward. I wouldn’t expect anything more complex because all you have to do is choose the direction you want your piece to go and pull it back with your mouse to increase or reduce power. If you have ever played a pool/billiards game, the controls here are exactly the same. This is simple and leaves me focused on the game strategy. Nothing more.

Replay Value

The simple nature of the game might make you believe that the replay value is very low. Well, I have to admit that apart from the fact that you know you are playing against real Facebook guys you can chat with and joke about the strategy, nothing really makes this game worth a replay. They could have thrown in a champions league or a bigger picture competition to make it worthwhile.

In-Game Purchases

You will need some coins and in-game money to buy tickets to a match and buy player formations. You can upgrade more as you play, and all upgrades or perks need the in-game money.


If you are looking for something that will tap into football strategy skills but you don’t want to keep worrying about the complex controls that FIFA forces you to master, you’ll definitely be at home playing Soccer Stars. Couple this with the fact that it is light on your resources and you get a piece that you can comfortably play on any PC or phone. It is a great competitive piece that will give you a reason to make new friends on Facebook who share your passion for football.


  • An interesting way to pit people against each other and give a reason to play
  • A rematch option when the stakes are high enough
  • Gives you a chance to focus on strategy and play style


  • Too much emphasis on in-game purchases
  • No elaborate league play for those who don’t want the fast head-on games

Graphics 8.00

Sound 9.00

Gameplay 9.00

Lasting Appeal 7.00

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