Secret Garden

Secret Garden

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Secret Garden

Welcome to Secret Garden - captivating game about a hidden world, after visiting which everyone will want to rewrite the Universe's history!

Long time ago beautiful jade garden was created - a magic world existing in parallel to our own, which mysterious creatures and dragons call their home.

Thus were laid foundations of the great Jade Empire. But evil creatures brought strife into the wondrous world of Secret Garden, and under pressure of accumulated enchantments the territory was split into a multitude of isolated islands. Since then inhabitants of Secret Garden do everything possible to restore their world.

Players will join this exiting task and prevent the magic word from disappearing forever. In Secret Garden they will find incredible adventures as they learn to distinguish good and evil creatures, defend against the forces of evil, and search for the creator of Jade Empire, join forces with him to return prosperity and happiness to the world and its inhabitants!

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