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Monster Legends

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Monster Legends Game Review


Monster Legends presents an interactive Facebook-based Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game that is made set in a fantasy world. In the game, players are required to develop a training camp filled with monsters, which the player is supposed to breed, train and lead into battles. The game, which is developed by the makers of Dragon City, snowballs in the sense that you grow your monsters from the ground up, earn your resources


One of the areas where the game performs exceptionally well relates to graphics. The visuals in the Monster Legends game are quite nice and neat. Players will definitely enjoy the way the various monsters act and look in the game. In addition, the rudimentary animations in the game’s battle mode are well polished. It must be noted that the graphics and sounds play a crucial role in the user experience of a game, a consideration that was observed by the developers of the game.


In terms of gameplay, the online game is quite engrossing. Each monster in the game comes with its own special abilities, with the player given an option of developing their own monsters of different elements to produce a rare species of beasts. This is one of the captivating features of the Monster Legends online game, which is a completely new dimension in online gaming. There are two different ways of fighting monsters, either through the adventure mode or through the Monster arena. As soon as you complete one mission, a new mission will emerge, keeping you engrossed and addicted. Even the battles are pleasantly interactive, which is a bonus for the overall gameplay. The game begins with a tutorial that shows players how to construct a habitat, hatch a baby monster and feed it until it is ready for battle. While the overall gameplay is commendable, some players will find the actual feeding and hatching of monsters somewhat tedious. However, the real fun begins when you start to battle.


The controls of this game are considerably straightforward, made even easier by the availability of a tutorial at the beginning of the game. In addition, the combat process is basically 2-dimensional affair that relies heavily on menus, where your party will occupy one screen part and your opponent the other. The game comes with a dashboard below, which allows players to select different functions and moves. To a large degree, combat is mostly based on your grasp of the rock-paper-scissors approach to weaknesses and strengths. You will, however, need a better grasp of tactical skills and a lot of strength as you get tougher monsters.  

Replay Value

The replay value is pretty high as your addiction will persist to ensure that you complete the stages of this game. Moreover, you will discover newer means of playing every time you play the game. At the very beginning, the player is given their own small land on which they can start their training camp. A tutorial course will be provided to help you get a grasp of how to run things around, with a succession of fetch quests. Once you have familiarized yourself with the basics of the game, you will be so engrossed that letting the game go will be a chore.

In-game Purchases

With more than 500 monsters for the gamer to collect, the game offers numerous combinations that the gamer can use to find the ideal companion in the combat adventure. From the hatchery and the farm provided at the beginning of the game, you can purchase more building to facilitate your hunt. Each of the building you purchase will need upgrading to get more benefits. While you can play Monster Legends online for free, you will also need gold and gems to upgrade, which can be purchased using real money. In-game currencies can be purchased easily through micro-transactions, which give the players a chance to upgrade their facilities easily. 


With a captivating gameplay and reasonable graphics, this game is a must-try. For new players, the game will seem slow at the onset, especially before you grasp the intricacies involved. The need to breed your own monsters may seem a chore to some. However, as you progress through the game to the combat stages, the game beautifully snowballs into an interactive and engaging experience. This game is a must-try.


  • It is free to play
  • Good graphics
  • Good sound experience
  • Easy-to-master controls
  • Captivating gameplay with an awesome plot


  • Slow at the beginning
  • You may have to use real money to purchase some important upgrades

Graphics 9.00

Sound 8.00

Gameplay 9.00

Lasting Appeal 6.00

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