Knights Glory

Knights Glory

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Knights Glory

King Arthur has been much loved by the people, and is honored as the king of Britain. Under his reign, the earth is full of life and peace, the people are getting richer day by day. However the evil forces started their invasion into this world, trying to destroy everything King Arthur protected. After discovering the threats, you will take the role of a young lord, and start your journey to retore the glory of the Britains.

My lord , you will not only face the dark creatures from another world in the game, and also rival with other strong lords in the terrortories. Can you be the great hero King Arthur had called for? We will look forward to you!


☆ An All- world Game ☆

☆ Fight with Friends ☆

☆ Rule as the King ☆

☆ Fantasy Heroes ☆

☆ Proficient in Strategy ☆

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