Creepy Street

Creepy Street

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Creepy Street

The only Match 3 game with multiple game styles!

The trick-or-treaters are gone. The lights are out. The streets are completely empty. Except for you. Lost in the clutches of a moonstruck windswept night, you hurry through the streets of a bizarre neighborhood. Unlatched gates screech and bang in the wind. The unseen utter unnerving sounds. Leaves rattle across the ground, hurrying to escape as well. Hopelessly, you stumble along though the worst Halloween nightmare of your life. Rushing around corners, desperately searching for a way out, you suddenly bump into something. Scared out of your wits, and expecting to be promptly eaten alive, you're relieved to look up into the cutest face you've ever seen. It's Mo (the most famous bee that ever lived) and it seams he's in a similar predicament. Join the adventure with Mo and let the Halloween fun begin!

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