The Best Browsers for Playing Online

Most gamers are continuously asking about the best browser to play games on, as they want to have the best experience. Most are the gamers who have no idea about how their experiences in gaming could be changed just by the choice of the browser they pick. This is especially true for new gamers who are just venturing into the gaming scene. However, for the best gaming experience especially for gamers that are keen on performance, considering the browser with the best output is inevitable. It may be time to consider all the options available to you. Here are some of the best browsers for games and any gaming expert.


It is an average performer for Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games. However, if you are looking for a browser that does not have problems with loading, then you should consider a different type of browser. Some tests on the browser have revealed that certain games may keep crashing thus interfering with the gaming experience. Even so, if you insist that Firefox is the browser for you, then you should look at add-ons that speed up gaming and browsing experience. If Firefox is the only browser that you can use, then you can go ahead after you have improved the speed.


This is one of the few reliable browsers to play online games. It is preferred by gamers for its ability to manage hardware resources. It is also a great browser for dealing with JavaScript. Practically, chrome delivers smooth MMO experience. It allows gamers to enjoy a stable performance with no chances of freezing or stopping midgame. Gamers will have the most convenient gaming experience every time they choose to browse using Chrome. Reviews on the usage of Chrome for gaming are positive meaning that it is reliable and often most convenient especially if you are looking for an option that will allow you to enjoy regular gaming.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer may not be the best browser for MMO gaming because of the lack of security features, especially for its latest versions. It is also very slow which makes it inappropriate considering the fact that gaming needs fast browsers for you to enjoy an excellent game. It is especially not recommended to use IE 8. However, if you have Internet Explorer 11, the case may be different as it supports gaming because of the recent move by Microsoft to develop browser games.


This is the latest browser by Microsoft. It is compatible with Windows 10. It has shown positive results for MMO. However, it has a slight demerit, which is its inability for add-ons and individualization features.


Opera has a slightly better performance when compared to Firefox. It is faster and may not experience much of what most gamers complain about. It is rare that a game will freeze when using the Opera browser. However, it has the challenge of security as it misses useful security features. Most gamers will not prefer it to a browser that comes fully packed. It is only recommended when the better browsers fail you.


This Apple’s browser is probably a better gaming browser. It is faster than both Chrome and Firefox. However, if speed were the only crucial consideration, then it would not be a problem because Safari has its own challenges. It has been reported by disappointed users that it sometimes crashes when playing certain MMOs. Its greatest demerit may be small, but it is a significant challenge that hinders the gamers’ experience. Newer and better versions of Safari browsers are not supported on desktops, which is what most gamers use.

The Bottom Line

Considering all that has been said above and reviews from users that have actually tested the different browsers discussed, Chrome seems to be the most viable choice for gamers who want a great experience with MMOs. There may be no perfect browser for gaming, but one with the least disadvantages is the most recommended for all users especially those that are starting out. The last thing you need is to be discouraged from gaming just because it crashed midway when the problem was your choice of browser.

Chrome’s integrated Flash makes it safe for use as it prevents online attacks from hackers. Opera and Firefox come second, especially because the two have similar performance. However, in general, the three top browsers could gain from advancements that would improve their gaming performance. Microsoft Explorer is a no-go zone for users of Windows 7 upwards. The missing security features due to lack of security updates is a serious risk that should not be attempted. If you are looking for something different, consider the new Maxthon browser.

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