Top 5 Browser Strategy Games

Browser Strategy Games offer users a great opportunity to enjoy thrilling online games without the hassle of having a physical gaming device or console or downloading dozens of gigabytes of memory. You can run the game regularly in your browser, or you can use web-plugins. Some browser games also run on virtual emulators which in some instances limit the quality of the game if it is a remake of an original piece. These games can be played either in single player or multiplayer mode, and some may require hardware acceleration if the game needs to access huge amounts of speed and memory. 

In real-time strategy games, you take command, optimize resources and build an empire. In this review, we look at some of the best strategy games that currently exist online.

Bloody West

In this game, you have to establish a town in the Wild West, against incredible odds. You need to keep outlaws at bay while protecting and feeding your citizens at the same time. You need to put up several buildings, such as offices, a hospital, a town hall among many others as part of your mission. Since you need to defend your town against attacks by the Wild Bunch, you’ll need to hire a small team of bailiffs to help the sheriff fight the criminals. 

The setting of the game is great, and the missions are bound to keep you on the edge of your seat. It also tries to maintain simplicity for the large number of battle scenes, which is great for an RTS game.

Empires and Allies from Zynga

One of the most popular freemium games on Facebook, Empires and Allies is a tale of military conquest, alliances, defeat and glory. As your nation is destroyed by ‘The Raven’, who is the common enemy of all the archipelagos, you are dragged into a war of revenge which leads you to find out that your island holds a valuable mineral which the enemy wants at all costs. You will meet advisors in your quest for victory, such as a civic advisor, a construction advisor and a military advisor. 

You can build your army, deploy weapons, join and build alliances and fight against the GRA. The game offers dynamic battle scenes and has great battle scenes for an online RTS. Though it’s free, one has to purchase premium content.

Under Control, by RJ Games

Be the protector of your people, and save them from a mad tyrant who is terrifying the Independent Lands Coalition. The game allows you to:

  • Build military bases, take command of your soldiers, produce heavy machinery
  • Control and fight against players online through PVP 
  • Run the new world order, building alliances and crushing enemies

The game has great graphics meant to inspire you to win.

Total Domination, By Plarium 

Set in the now familiar nihilist future, the world is sore from the gears of war and has been reduced to desolation. You lead humanity’s charge back to Earth and must battle warring clans running riot on the wastelands. The game tests such skills as strategy, combat, diplomacy, warfare, and logistics. Alliances shift and rivalries are second nature. With great graphics, you bring the world to domination, but there are in-game purchases you need to make the experience better.

Vikings: War of Clans, by Plarium

Power, fear, freedom, and violence; you lead the charge of the brave. Relive the era of the Vikings, and prove yourself worthy against players from around the world by being part of strategic campaigns.

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